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Antimalarial ligands

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Ligand name ID Synonyms
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ACT-451840 10022 ACT451840, Actelion-451840
amodiaquine 10018 Alphaquine®, Amdaquine®, Amoquin®, Camoquin®, Flavoquine®
AN13762 10085 AN762
AN3661 10084
artefenomel 9971 OZ439
artemether 9955 β-artemether, beta-artemether
artemisinin 9954
artemotil 9958 β-arteether
artenimol 9957 DHA, dihydroartemisinin, GNF-Pf-5634
artesunate 9956
atovaquone 9695 Mepron®
azithromycin 6510
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BRD3444 9648
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chloroquine 5535 Aralen®, chloraquine, Malaquin®
cipargamin 9721 KAE609, NITD609
Compound 34c [PMID 24641010] 9647
compound 55 [PMID: 29889526] 10016
cycloguanil 10027
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doxycycline 6464 BMY-28689, Monodox®, Vibramycin®
DSM265 9644
DSM421 10020
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ELQ-300 10021 ELQ300
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ferroquine 9972 SSR97193
fosmidomycin 9739 FR-31564
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halofantrine 10019 Halfan®, WR-171669
halofuginone 10153
hydroxychloroquine 7198 Dolquine®, Plaquenil®
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KAF156 9946 ganaplacide (proposed INN), GNF156
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lumefantrine 9969 benflumetol
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M5717 9737 DDD107498, DDD498, MMV121
mefloquine 4252 GNF-Pf-5544, Lariam®, Ro-21-5998-001, WR-142490
mepacrine 10172 Atabrine®, quinacrine
MMV024101 10017
MMV048 9726 MMV390048
MMV253 10024 AZ13721412
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OSM-S-38 9708
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P218 9740
piperaquine 10025
primaquine 9952
proguanil 9676 Bigumal®, chloroguanide, Paludrine®
pyrimethamine 4800 Daraprim®, GNF-Pf-5586, TCMDC-125860
pyronaridine 10086 7351, Malaridine®
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quinidine 2342 Quinaglute®, Quinidex®, quinidine hydrochloride
quinine 2510 GNF-Pf-506, Qualaquin®, Quinate®, quinine bisulphate, quinine sulfate
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SC83288 10175
(+)-SJ733 9723 (+)-SJ000557733, (+)-SJ557733
sulfadoxine 10173
sulfalene 10174 sulfamethopyrazine, sulfametopyrazine
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tafenoquine 9722 Arakoda®, Krintafel®, WR238605
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UCT943 10093