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Plasmodium falciparum cyclic amine resistance locus protein

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Target id: 3074

Nomenclature: Plasmodium falciparum cyclic amine resistance locus protein

Abbreviated Name: PfCARL

Family: Plasmodium multidrug resistance family

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Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Plasmodium falciparum 3D7 - 1283 CARL cyclic amine resistance locus protein
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Malaria Pharmacology Comments
The P. falciparum cyclic amine resistance locus (PfCARL) encodes a conserved protein of unknown function that localizes to the cis-Golgi apparatus of the parasite in both asexual and sexual blood stages [1]. Homology analysis provides an insight into possible function: the S. cerevisiae homolog, Emp65, is a part of a molecular chaperone complex in the endoplasmic reticulum and the mouse homolog, Tapt1, is involved in embryonic skeletal formation, signal transduction, and hormone trafficking [1,3].
Mutations in PfCARL are associated with parasite resistance to two distinct compound classes: the imidazolopiperazines, a novel class of antimalarial compounds that includes the clinical candidate ganaplacide, and the benzimidazolyl piperidines, with the suggestion that PfCARL is a multidrug-resistance gene rather than the common target [1-2].


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2. Magistrado PA, Corey VC, Lukens AK, LaMonte G, Sasaki E, Meister S, Wree M, Winzeler E, Wirth DF. (2016) Plasmodium falciparum Cyclic Amine Resistance Locus (PfCARL), a Resistance Mechanism for Two Distinct Compound Classes. ACS Infect Dis, 2 (11): 816-826. [PMID:27933786]

3. Zhang S, Xu C, Larrimore KE, Ng DTW. (2017) Slp1-Emp65: A Guardian Factor that Protects Folding Polypeptides from Promiscuous Degradation. Cell, 171 (2): 346-357.e12. [PMID:28919078]

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