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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 5002

Synonyms: IL-12 p40 | IL-12B monomer | interleukin-12β | interleukin-12B | natural killer cell stimulatory factor 2
Immunopharmacology Ligand
Comment: This is a subunit of bioactive IL-12.
Species: Human
1. Giles-Komar J, Knight DM, Peritt D, Scallon B, Shealy D. (2005)
Also an IL-12 anti-idiotype antibody to the antibody.
Patent number: US6902734. Assignee: Centocor, Inc.. Priority date: 07/08/2000. Publication date: 07/06/2005.
2. Salfeld J, Roguska M, Paskind M, Banerjee S, Tracey D, White M, Kaymakcalan Z, Labkovsky B, Sakorafas P, Veldman GM. (2005)
Human antibodies that bind human IL-12 and methods for producing.
Patent number: US6914128. Assignee: Abbott Gmbh & Co. Kg. Priority date: 25/03/1999. Publication date: 05/07/2005.