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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 4384

Synonyms: follitropin beta subunit | FSHβ | FSH-B | FSHB
Species: Mouse
Is a component of
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Post-translational Modification
The production of biologically active FSH requires appropriately folded and glycosylated FSHβ and common α subunits that assemble to form the heterodimeric hormone. FSHβ is glysolyated at asparagine residues at positions 6 and 23, and disulfide bond formation occurs between cysteine residues at postions 2 and 50; 16 and 65; 19 and 103; 27 and 81; 31 and 83 and 86 and 93. The FSHβ and common alpha subunits then assemble to form the biologically active FSH heterodimer.