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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 4378

Synonyms: chorionic gonadotropin alpha chain | FSHα | HCGα | LHα
Comment: The glycoprotein hormone common alpha subunit differs from the mouse peptide at residues 6, 68 and 85
Species: Rat
Is a component of
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Post-translational Modification
The production of biologically active FSH, LH and TSH requires the FSHβ, LHβ and TSHβ subunits and the common α subunit to assemble to form the heterodimeric hormone. The common alpha subunit is glycosylated at asparagine residues 56 and 82, with disulfide bond formation between cysteine residues at positions 11 and 35; 14 and 64; 32 and 86; 36 and 88 and 63 and 91. It then assembles with the various β subunits to form the biologically active FSH, LH and TSH heterodimers.