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GtoPdb Ligand ID: 4382

Synonyms: macrophage inflammatory protein 4 | small-inducible cytokine A18
Immunopharmacology Ligand
Comment: CCL18 is a CC family chemokine. There are no rodent homologs of this human chemokine.
Species: Human
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Immunopharmacology Comments
CCL18 is principally a chemokine produced by antigen presenting cells of the innate immune system (e.g. dendritic cells, monocytes, and macrophages), with effects predominantly on the adaptive immune system. CCL18 production is upregulated by cytokines such as IL-10, IL-4 and IL-13, which all drive a T-helper 2 type response, and are more usually associated with humoral immunity or immunosuppression. CCL18 binding to CCR8 induces chemotaxis of Th2 cells, and is competitive with the proviously known CCR8 ligand, CCL1. The biological effects of CCL18 cen be pro-inflammatory or immunosuppressive depending on the tissues, cells and incoming signals involved.