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Plasmodium falciparum plasmepsin X

Target id: 3071

Nomenclature: Plasmodium falciparum plasmepsin X

Abbreviated Name: PfPMX

Systematic Nomenclature: Plasmodium falciparum plasmepsin X

Family: Antimalarial targets

Annotation status:  image of a grey circle Awaiting annotation/under development. Please contact us if you can help with annotation.  » Email us

Gene and Protein Information
Species TM AA Chromosomal Location Gene Symbol Gene Name Reference
Plasmodium falciparum 3D7 - 573 PMX plasmepsin X
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Malaria Pharmacology Comments
P. falciparum plasmepsin X (PfPMX) has emerged as a promising target for antimalarial drug development with studies demonstrating an essential role in erythrocyte invasion and egress [1-2].


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1. Nasamu AS, Glushakova S, Russo I, Vaupel B, Oksman A, Kim AS, Fremont DH, Tolia N, Beck JR, Meyers MJ et al.. (2017) Plasmepsins IX and X are essential and druggable mediators of malaria parasite egress and invasion. Science, 358 (6362): 518-522. [PMID:29074774]

2. Pino P, Caldelari R, Mukherjee B, Vahokoski J, Klages N, Maco B, Collins CR, Blackman MJ, Kursula I, Heussler V et al.. (2017) A multistage antimalarial targets the plasmepsins IX and X essential for invasion and egress. Science, 358 (6362): 522-528. [PMID:29074775]

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