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SLC33 acetylCoA transporter C

Unless otherwise stated all data on this page refer to the human proteins. Gene information is provided for human (Hs), mouse (Mm) and rat (Rn).


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Acetylation of proteins is a post-translational modification mediated by specific acetyltransferases, using the donor acetyl CoA. SLC33A1/AT1 is a putative 11 TM transporter present on the endoplasmic reticulum, expressed in all tissues, but particularly abundant in the pancreas [2], which imports cytosolic acetyl CoA into these intracellular organelles.


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ACATN1 (AcetylCoA transporter / SLC33A1) C Show summary »

Target Id 1134
Nomenclature AcetylCoA transporter
Systematic nomenclature SLC33A1
Common abbreviation ACATN1
Previous and unofficial names ACATN | acetyl-coenzyme A transporter 1 | solute carrier family 33 member 1 | solute carrier family 33 (acetyl-CoA transporter), member 1 | solute carrier family 33 (acetyl-CoA transporter)
Genes SLC33A1 (Hs), Slc33a1 (Mm), Slc33a1 (Rn)
Ensembl ID ENSG00000169359 (Hs), ENSMUSG00000027822 (Mm), ENSRNOG00000010023 (Rn)
UniProtKB AC O00400 (Hs), Q99J27 (Mm), Q6AYY8 (Rn)
Bioparadigms SLC Tables SLC33A1 (Hs)
Endogenous substrates
acetyl CoA
Labelled ligands
[14C]acetylCoA (Binding)
Stoichiometry Unknown


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