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Stephen P.H. Alexander


Associate Professor in Molecular Pharmacology
Life Sciences E Floor
University of Nottingham Medical School
Nottingham NG7 2UH



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Research interests

Cannabinoid receptors, transporters, endocannabinoid turnover, hydrogen sulphide turnover

NC-IUPHAR and oversight committee membership

Transporters (Chair)
Executive Committee (Chair)
Core Members
Scientific Advisors for IUPHAR/MMV Guide to Malaria Pharmacology project
Scientific Advisors for IUPHAR Guide to Immunopharmacology

Subcommittee membership

Cannabinoid receptors
Coronavirus (CoV) proteins

Contributor to target pages

2-Acylglycerol ester turnover
Cannabinoid receptors
Class A Orphans
Coronavirus (CoV) proteins
Endocannabinoid turnover
GPR18, GPR55 and GPR119
Hydrolases & Lipases
N-Acylethanolamine turnover
S33: Prolyl aminopeptidase