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Ohtahara syndrome

Disease ID:1179
Name:Ohtahara syndrome
Associated with:1 target
A neurological disorder characterized by seizures. The disorder affects newborns, usually within the first three months of life (most often within the first 10 days) in the form of epileptic seizures.
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OMIM: 308350
Orphanet: ORPHA1934


Comments:  A KCNT1 mutation has been linked to Ohtahara Syndrome
References:  1


No ligand related data available for Ohtahara syndrome


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1. Martin HC, Kim GE, Pagnamenta AT, Murakami Y, Carvill GL, Meyer E, Copley RR, Rimmer A, Barcia G, Fleming MR et al.. (2014) Clinical whole-genome sequencing in severe early-onset epilepsy reveals new genes and improves molecular diagnosis. Hum Mol Genet, 23 (12): 3200-11. [PMID:24463883]