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Stroke, hemorrhagic

Disease ID:891
Name:Stroke, hemorrhagic
Associated with:2 targets
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OMIM: 614519


Drugs:  EBIO reduces neuronal death and reverses ischemia-induced impairment of long-term potentiation following cardiac arrest in mice; NS309 reduces infarct area in model of ischemic stroke in mice.
Side effects:  Sedation and impairment of motor coordination at higher doses.
Therapeutic use:  KCa2 activators have been suggested for the treatment of stroke.
References:  1-3
Angiotensin-converting enzyme


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1. Allen D, Nakayama S, Kuroiwa M, Nakano T, Palmateer J, Kosaka Y, Ballesteros C, Watanabe M, Bond CT, Luján R et al.. (2011) SK2 channels are neuroprotective for ischemia-induced neuronal cell death. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab, 31 (12): 2302-12. [PMID:21712833]

2. Dolga AM, Terpolilli N, Kepura F, Nijholt IM, Knaus HG, D'Orsi B, Prehn JH, Eisel UL, Plant T, Plesnila N et al.. (2011) KCa2 channels activation prevents [Ca2+]i deregulation and reduces neuronal death following glutamate toxicity and cerebral ischemia. Cell Death Dis, 2: e147. [PMID:21509037]

3. Orfila JE, Shimizu K, Garske AK, Deng G, Maylie J, Traystman RJ, Quillinan N, Adelman JP, Herson PS. (2014) Increasing small conductance Ca2+-activated potassium channel activity reverses ischemia-induced impairment of long-term potentiation. Eur J Neurosci, 40 (8): 3179-88. [PMID:25080203]