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Sickle cell anemia

Disease ID:862
Name:Sickle cell anemia
Associated with:1 target
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Disease Ontology: DOID:10923


Role:  KCa3.1 is involved in erythrocyte dehydration during sickling
Drugs:  Clotrimazole, senicapoc
Side effects:  none reported
Therapeutic use:  Phase-3 clinical trials for ICA-17043 (senicapoc) were stopped in 2007 apparently due to lack of efficacy in reducing the incidence of sickling crisis
References:  1-3


No ligand related data available for Sickle cell anemia


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1. Ataga KI, Orringer EP, Styles L, Vichinsky EP, Swerdlow P, Davis GA, Desimone PA, Stocker JW. (2006) Dose-escalation study of ICA-17043 in patients with sickle cell disease. Pharmacotherapy, 26 (11): 1557-64. [PMID:17064199]

2. Brugnara C, de Franceschi L, Alper SL. (1993) Inhibition of Ca(2+)-dependent K+ transport and cell dehydration in sickle erythrocytes by clotrimazole and other imidazole derivatives. J Clin Invest, 92 (1): 520-6. [PMID:8326017]

3. Brugnara C, Gee B, Armsby CC, Kurth S, Sakamoto M, Rifai N, Alper SL, Platt OS. (1996) Therapy with oral clotrimazole induces inhibition of the Gardos channel and reduction of erythrocyte dehydration in patients with sickle cell disease. J Clin Invest, 97 (5): 1227-34. [PMID:8636434]