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Resistance to thyrotropin-releasing hormone syndrome

Disease ID:817
Name:Resistance to thyrotropin-releasing hormone syndrome
Associated with:1 target
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Orphanet: ORPHA99832


TRH1 receptor
References:  1-2


No ligand related data available for Resistance to thyrotropin-releasing hormone syndrome


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1. Bonomi M, Busnelli M, Beck-Peccoz P, Costanzo D, Antonica F, Dolci C, Pilotta A, Buzi F, Persani L. (2009) A family with complete resistance to thyrotropin-releasing hormone. N. Engl. J. Med., 360 (7): 731-4. [PMID:19213692]

2. Collu R, Tang J, Castagné J, Lagacé G, Masson N, Huot C, Deal C, Delvin E, Faccenda E, Eidne KA et al.. (1997) A novel mechanism for isolated central hypothyroidism: inactivating mutations in the thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptor gene. J. Clin. Endocrinol. Metab., 82 (5): 1561-5. [PMID:9141550]