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Mucolipidosis IV

Disease ID:640
Name:Mucolipidosis IV
Associated with:1 target
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Disease Ontology: DOID:3343
OMIM: 252650
Orphanet: ORPHA578


Role:  Defective lysosomal functions
References:  1,4
Mutations:  TRPML1 is associated with 16 mutation. Click here for details


No ligand related data available for Mucolipidosis IV


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1. Bargal R, Avidan N, Ben-Asher E, Olender Z, Zeigler M, Frumkin A, Raas-Rothschild A, Glusman G, Lancet D, Bach G. (2000) Identification of the gene causing mucolipidosis type IV. Nat. Genet., 26 (1): 118-23. [PMID:10973263]

2. Dong XP, Cheng X, Mills E, Delling M, Wang F, Kurz T, Xu H. (2008) The type IV mucolipidosis-associated protein TRPML1 is an endolysosomal iron release channel. Nature, 455 (7215): 992-6. [PMID:18794901]

3. Slaugenhaupt SA. (2002) The molecular basis of mucolipidosis type IV. Curr. Mol. Med., 2 (5): 445-50. [PMID:12125810]

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