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Disease ID:494
Associated with:1 target


BLT1 receptor
References:  1-3


No ligand related data available for Inflammation


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1. Chiang N, Gronert K, Clish CB, O'Brien JA, Freeman MW, Serhan CN. (1999) Leukotriene B4 receptor transgenic mice reveal novel protective roles for lipoxins and aspirin-triggered lipoxins in reperfusion. J Clin Invest, 104 (3): 309-16. [PMID:10430612]

2. Haribabu B, Verghese MW, Steeber DA, Sellars DD, Bock CB, Snyderman R. (2000) Targeted disruption of the leukotriene B(4) receptor in mice reveals its role in inflammation and platelet-activating factor-induced anaphylaxis. J Exp Med, 192 (3): 433-8. [PMID:10934231]

3. Tager AM, Dufour JH, Goodarzi K, Bercury SD, von Andrian UH, Luster AD. (2000) BLTR mediates leukotriene B(4)-induced chemotaxis and adhesion and plays a dominant role in eosinophil accumulation in a murine model of peritonitis. J Exp Med, 192 (3): 439-46. [PMID:10934232]